Ropeway Spares

We have well-equipped Foundry for Steel Casting and Cast Iron for all Grade. Besides that, we have a well-equipped Machine & Fabrication Shop situated at Howrah for all types of Mechanical Spares as per customer’s Drawing & Specification. With 47 years of experience in the field, it is the pioneer in the field of ropeway spares in India. The team has at its disposal a competent technical knowledge base in engineering – mechanical, electrical, and electronics.

Box head wheel
Cast Iron JOb
Grip jaw Assembly
Housing Fabrication
Line Sheave
Machined Wheels
Pair Mount
Pin Bolt
Plate Fabrication

List of Ropeway Spares Manufactured:-
• Line Coupling, Aluminium Liner, Return Sheave Assembly, Full Entrance Saddle
• Hub, Fleeting Sheave, Hanger Frame, Unlocking Lever, Swivel, Bolt with Nylock Nut
• Scraper Blade, Bucket Sling, Pin Drain with Nut, Lever Pin with Bolt, Bearing, Z Washer
• Hinge Bush, Sheave Assembly, Draw Bar, Hanger Casting, Jaw Pin, Draw Bar Bush
• Pressure Roller Assembly, Hanger Spindle, Thrust Washer (Nylon)
• Saddle Bar Imptyside, Draw Bar Pin, Clamp for Saddle Bar
• Spindle with Nylock Nut, Pin Bush Draw Bar, Pin with Hex Nut and Bolt
• Back Plate, Chasis for Ropeway Bucket
• Roller of Set-V, Saddle
• D-Shackle, Sleeve for Sheave, Rope Clip, Box Head Frame
• Box Head, Mono Cable Sheave
• Paul & Tackle, Fixed Jaw
• Box Head Wheel, Phosphor Bronze Bush / Thrust, Line Sheave